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The Aqueduct Project is an artistic research project which explores the relationship between water, public space, and walking in the city. This was my research study for an MA in Performing Public Space at Fontys University, Tilburg, NL (2021).

Building on long-standing themes and fascinations in my design work, I investigated the performative relationship between streets as public space and the movement of water. The work uncovered a host of discoveries indicating the fundamental links between street space and passage, the importance of shelter from the elements, and the emotional affect of water in cities. As a conclusion, I developed the term "solubility" to describe the continuum of "being public" in street spaces.

Investigating the movement of water in the city took the form of creative walking and drifting, inventing a new form of mapping, performance walks, and videography.

The work continues with annual collaborations with Coordination Senne for World Water Day, and ongoing photo and video documentation.

Instagram : @theaqueductproject

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